Flea prevention


All pets will get fleas and ticks at one time or another. In summer they can be picked up in the garden but once your pet brings a flea into your house it lays hundreds of eggs on its bedding and in your house. These can persist for a long time before hatching, and as such fleas are a household problem, not only for your pet but also for the humans in the house. Often there is no outward sign of mild infestations (especially on cats) and once you notice a problem it is usually severe.Prevention is always the best option by using regular effective pet treatments. We recommend using a tablet chew for dogs (Bravecto, MSD). One administration lasts for 3 months. WE recommend Stronghold (zoetis) or Broadline (Merial) for cats. These products are applied topically every 4 to 6 weeks. In addition if you vacuum the house  you will pick up many flea larvae and eggs which live in soft furnishings and in the carpets. Always remember to throw away your vacuum cleaner bag and replace it. The household treatments must NEVER be used on the animals directly and usually come in a spray form. WE recommend RIP fleas (Dechra). YOU SHOULD ALWAYS FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS VERY CAREFULLY. For more information of flea prevention call in and we can discuss it with you. Visit www.ripfleas.co.uk for further information


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