Skin and Ear diseases


Wesley is one four vets in Ireland with specialization in the field of veterinary dermatology (skin disease). Our Dermatology service has all facilities required for investigation of dermatological cases, including on-site intra-dermal skin testing, histopathology, cytology, fungal culture and investigation of ear diseases.

Typical conditions with which we can help include:

  • Investigation of itch.
  • Ectoparasitism.
  • Infections.
  • Hair loss and hormonal diseases.
  • Scaling disorders.
  • Auto-immune diseases.
  • Feet and claw disorders.
  • Management of Atopic Dermatitis.
  • Chronic or recurrent ear infections.
  • Skin cancer.

Wesley is available for telephone conversations from veterinary surgeons who may want to discuss a referral or may want advise on cases that cannot be referred. Contact the clinic 061-333033 or

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