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Neutering means desexing. It involves a castration procedure for a male, or a spay procedure (removal of ovaries and womb) for a female. Because of the desperate plight of homeless animals we strongly recommend neutering cats and dogs, male and female when they reach maturity, usually at five to six months of age.

Unless you plan to breed from a pedigree cat or dog, it is essential to have your pet neutered at an early age to prevent further breeding. Many owners often say they love their pet so much they would like to let her have just one litter. They often have homes lined up for the kittens or puppies and therefore they justify to themselves that they have done the right thing. They have, however denied good homes to kittens and puppies already born. Most females get worn out nursing their young and pregnancy itself is not without danger. Neutering is however a routine procedure with mimimal risk to your pet. A neutered animal is healthier, happier and more affectionate and studies have shown, will have a longer life.

Some people would claim, neutered pets become fat and lazy. This will only happen if your pet is over fed and underexercised. The positive benefits are numerous including prevention of straying and nuisance behaviour, reducing the incidence of fighting and road traffic accidents. Studies have shown that the incidence of breast cancer in females is eliminated and prostatic and testicular disease in males is reduced. Female dogs do not develop womb infections which is common in older bitches. Male cats no longer urine spray and fight less, preventing abcesses and wounds and the transmission of feline leukaemia and feline aids. Neutered pets whether male or female are content and healthier, more home loving.

Spaying and neutering are simple, safe and cost effective ways to promote and protect the healthy life of domestic pets.

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