A microchip implant is an identity implant placed under the skin of a dog, cat, horse, or other animal. The chips are about the size of a large grain of rice and are injected under the skin, usually on the back of the neck area.

Irish law now requires that all dogs be identified with a microchip. WE CAN IMPLANT A CHIP AND ENSURE THAT IT IS REGISTERED ON THE CORRECT DATABASE FOR YOUR PET AT A COST OF 30 E.

Can you imagine how awful it would be to lose your pet or suffer a neighbour laying claim to your most precious friend? At Monaleen Vets we appreciate the distress you may feel if your beloved pet goes missing. Micro-chipping allows us to do all that we can to re-unite you with your pet.

Once inserted into your pet, a microchip provides an inexpensive but permanent means of identification throughout your pet's life. Each one has it's own unique identification number and once implanted the chip remains electronically inactive until scanned by a special microchip scanner.

Scanning the microchip allows us, other vets, pet rescue staff, dog wardens and the Gardai to then access a database to discover the identity of the pet and its owner. We charge 30E for each chip and its registration. This includes an annual rescan to check the chip is working correctly. Contact us today 061-333033/061351204!

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